It’s all the rage, right? Everyone in public relations talks about the importance of content, how content is king, yada, yada, yada.

We all think and talk about content every day. That said, here are five thoughts as we head into a new year:

Old news: The emphasis on content is not exactly breaking news. Content has, in fact, always been king. Content has always been meant to educate, lead to sales or emotion or action. That’s been the case for traditional media, non-traditional media, social media, advertising, whatever. It’s deemed more important now because of the importance of a return on investment.

Quality is key: Content isn’t necessarily king; Quality content is king (also not a new relevation). This may seem obvious, but it’s not an adage widely followed. From websites to press releases to social media, there is an epidemic of poor writing out there. It starts with a lack of reporting and fact gathering and ends with an inability to spell and use the English language correctly. There are a lot of strong reporters and writers in the community; use them. And don’t skimp on content. Bad photos or copy can turn your investment in a new website into a waste of money.

Managing content teams: Finding, assigning, directing, editing, managing good content providers is a skill. The best, most talented folks can do a better, more efficient job (and have more fun) with good direction. That goes for writers, photographers and videographers.

Distribution methods: 
Anyone can write a blog post, tweet, post to Instagram or even produce a book. But can you get it in front of the intended audience? Can you sell it (if revenue is an objective)? This is where traditional media outlets dominated for decades, but that piece of the puzzle is now a challenge for everyone. How do you get eyeballs, so to speak? It used to be PR practitioners might write a news release, put it on a FAX machine, hit a button and feel like their work was done. Then it was mass e-mailings that went to hundreds of media contacts. Those days are over.

Strategic communications: Has your content achieved its objective? Have you identified the right distribution channels and connected with your audience – and gotten it to engage. We live in an age where measurement is vital. Measuring media impressions, Likes and followers is hardly the end-all, be-all to success. Have you moved your audience to action?

Yada, yada, yada.