For those who love photography and travel, National Geographic’s 2015 Traveler Photo Contest entries are sure to trigger a sense of wanderlust. In fact, viewing and even tacking up a few of your favorite photos can actually help increase productivity at work.

In his book, “Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength,” Roy Baumeister, a research psychologist,writes when people are surrounded by an environment they enjoy or feel at home in, they are more likely to work harder or spend longer hours at their desk. Similar logic also applies to websites – visitors are much more likely to revisit and stay on your page if it’s clean and aesthetically-pleasing.

Here at Vehr Communications, we’re in the last few weeks of our office expansion construction so we’re taking lots of deep breaths, longingly perusing these contest photos and dreaming of our soon-to-come new, happy office space.


(View of our neighbor, the Aronoff Center, and Walnut Street from the new space)