We have long been advocates for company CEOs to consider engaging on Twitter – and other social media channels – for any number of reasons, including customer relations, sales, thought leadership and transparency. Oh, and it also can help build your brand.

For three years, Vehr Communications has conducted a study of public company CEOs in Greater Cincinnati to see how active they are in social media. What we have learned: Some are, some aren’t. Some excel in that space, some are dipping their toes into it. Some want to engage but are nervous about it, some are adamant that they will never tweet. Learn more in our 2015 Social CEO Study.

We’re not the only ones who believe CEOs on Twitter can be good for brands. ChiefExecutive.net offers 11 ways CEOs can use Twitter to build their company’s brand.

Among them:

  • Do it yourself and get personal. People will know if the account is authentic or not.
  • Don’t hide when the going gets rough.
  • You can build relationships with media and interact with editors, reporters and bloggers.

Some of these are more tips and advice, but it’s a list worth checking out.

To learn more about becoming a strategic social media communicator, check out President Nick Vehr’s “Framework for CEO engagement in social media.”